The Cambridge Diary

Hello everybody and welcome to the exciting world of Cambridge. Here you'll find proof of the unbelievable tales and astonishing adventures Debby and Ben encounter while staying in the wild, wild world of East Anglia.

Cambridge Revisited

Debby and Ben back in Cambridge for the first revival.

17 pictures

Leaving Cambridge (for now)

Everything packed up and we're (not really) ready to go.

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Saved up till the last possible moment: the walk to Grantchester.

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Cooking and Cards

It became a tradition at the last moment: Monday night cooking and games with Greg and Chie.

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At the car boot sale on a Sunday morning

Experiencing the mysteries of the British economy.

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Kate's birthday and Debby's leaving do

The beginning is the end is the beginning: Celebrating at the Sauce where it all began (see the bottom of this page).

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A weekend in Dublin

Exploring the wonders of the Irish capital during a long weekend.

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Temaki sushi

Debby and Ben learn how to eat with chopsticks and discover a piece of German culture.

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New Year's Eve

Saying 'Hi' to the new year.

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A merry British Christmas

Celebrating Christmas in a proper way.

20 pictures

Christmas party

The CUPeople celebrate Christmas at the Salisbury arms.

72 pictures

Longer opening hours

Taking part in this historic event at the Fort St. George.

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Becca's birthday

Celebrating her birthday with a couple of drinks.

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Cambridge bonfiary

Rufus invited us to his mansion on Midsummer Common for a splendid night with a huge bonfire to celebrate his birthday.

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Crazy golf

The season for indoor golf is opened by Ben and Debby.

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Richard's gardenparty

A lovely party with wine and cheese, cricket and trampolin.

11 pictures

Pub crawl

A sight-seeing trip through the pubs of Cambridge.

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A day at the sea

Visiting Great Yarmouth and its beautiful beach.

29 pictures

At Becki's

Indoors barbeque and games in Newmarket.

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Jazz in the park

Relaxing in the park with Live-Jazz and a game of Boule.

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The hen night

A long night with dancing, dares, deers and beers.

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Sunday Roast

Traditional British sunday meal for Europeans and Half-europeans.

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The dead bear

...or is it? Vote for your opinion on the mysterious body.
Beware! Grossness!

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Barbecue at Jen's

A nice evening of food, cats and games.

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Pop in the Park

A festival full of daring and acrobatics.

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Things to do on a Friday night.

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Becki's Birthday

"I forgot to bring party-hats, so we had to improvise a bit."

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A friday in the pub

"Some lovely photos of you all from Source on Friday"

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